Read-A-Thon: A Winter's Respite

>> Monday, January 23, 2012

For a lark and because I'm going on a mini vacation this week, I saw this post for a read a thon and thought I'd participate because it's such a short one!  It's called A Winter's Respite and began at midnight Jan 23 and lasts until this Sunday!  I've got some time on an airplane where I hope to get some reading in!

I saw this post just after midnight CST (thanks Martina) so signed up right then and read for a bit before bed.  I was on page 225 of my current book, Bastion Falls and I hope to finish it today and move on to either the next Lee Child book which I can use for one of my group tasks on Goodreads or perhaps the first Discworld book, The Color of Magic or something else.  My TBR is so huge and I have so many choices, sometimes it's hard to decide!  I'd take a picture of my bookshelf for the mini challenge, but alas I cannot!

Join me!!

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